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    Wildlife portrait photographer from the UK. My web site sharp photography
    April 2022's issue of A Sharp Eye on on wildlife photography is on Sri Lanka.
    The first five previous editions of my free magazine offer photography tips and promote Wikipedia & Commons.
    The Read online links take you to a flip book of what I have called "medium quality"ː

    You can access downloadable pdf versions by visiting the Sharp Eye on wildlife photography page Please feel free to use any of the wildlife photos that I have uploaded on Wikimedia Commons, most of which are used in Wikipedia articles, with attribution Charles J Sharp. Please remember that images uploaded before 2020 may not have been processed with the latest software. I can quickly re-process them for you.
    Here are my own Nuvola apps package favorite.svg favourites, my Commons Cscr-featured.svg Featured pictures (405 from 54 countries), Quality images logo.svg Quality images and Valued image seal.svg Valued images
    I have galleries of European birds, European butterflies and European dragonflies on Commons.
    These animals were not photographed in zoos, safari parks, rescue centres, butterfly houses, in captivity or in a studio.
    Many of the images are geocoded with very precise geocodes (six decimal places). Please do not take account of more than three decimal places.

    Featured pictures on English Wikipedia[edit]

    Galleries of my featured pictures
    mammals; birds; insects and spiders; reptiles and frogs

    mammals       birds       insects and spiders       reptiles and frogs

    These featured pictures were taken in 42 countries:

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    FP nominations that failed to reach quorum because of insufficient votes or technical quality issues[edit]

    These will be renominated by me if not nominated by another user.

    Signpost and Tree of Life[edit]

    Signpost Article[edit]

    May 2020: Gallery of images from new magazine - A Sharp Eye on wildlife photography

    Tree of Life Interview[edit]

    August 2019: Interview for Tree of Life July 1-31 (Editor spotlight: Photographing the tree of life)

    Signpost Interview[edit]

    December 2017 Interview for The Signpost, 18 December 2017

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