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Ben Lomond (Scots Gaelic: Beinn Laomainn) is a muntain in the Scots Hielands, at its summit it haes a heich o 974 metre (3,196 ft) abuin sea level. The muntain is locatit on the east bank o Loch Lomond within the Loch Lomond an The Trossachs Naitional Pairk. It is the soothmaist o the Munros.

Ben Lomond appears tae hae a conical shape whan luiked at frae the Arrochar Alps nearby but it haes a craggy corrie heich up on its northren side. The muntain comprises twa parallel sooth-sootheastren ridges: the Sròn Aonaich ridge tae the east an the Ptarmigan ridge tae the wast. At the north o the summit these ridges come thegither an meet at a 456 metre (1,496 ft) col wae Cruin a' Bheinn, a Graham. The summit is gressy an craggy an is merkit bi a triangulation pillar.

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Rishi Sunak in 2020
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