Emoh Ruo

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Emoh Ruo
Directed byDenny Lawrence
Written byPaul Leadon
David Poltorak
Produced byDavid Elfick
StarringJoy Smithers
Martin Sacks
Philip Quast
Genevieve Mooy
CinematographyAndrew Lesnie
Edited byTed Otton
Music byCameron Allan
Distributed byGreater Union
Release date
  • 26 September 1985 (1985-09-26)
Running time
93 minutes
Box officeA$34,000[2]

Emoh Ruo is a 1985 Australian comedy film directed by Denny Lawrence and starring Joy Smithers and Martin Sacks.[3]


The Tunkleys move from a caravan park into a suburban home goes wrong.


Andrew Urban wrote that "Emoh Ruo relies on stereotypes, but it does so with larrikin good humour, and lets us enjoy a big, lowbrow finish."[4] The Sydney Morning Herald stated "Emoh Ruo is a pleasant entertainment, but less than memorable".[5] Writing in Cinema Papers Christine Cremen says "With its lively combination of satire, sentimentality, near-tragedy and pratfall farce, Emoh Ruo resembles one of the better Preston Sturges comedies".[6] Writing in the book Australian Film, 1978-1994: A Survey of Theatrical Features Bruce Sandow states "More light-hearted situation comedy than biting satire, the film has its amusing moments. Competently made and entertaining in a lowbrow way, it has no pretensions to social comment. But its resorting to well-known Australian stereotypes is more often witless than inspired."[7] A review in Variety finishes "Overall, Emoh Ruo might just be the success the Australian film industry is looking for right now".[8]


Emoh Ruo was nominated for an AFI Awards for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for Genevieve Mooy.


  • Joy Smithers - Terri Tunkley
  • Martin Sacks - Des Tunkley
  • Jack Ellis - Jack Tunkley
  • Philip Quast - Les Tunkley
  • Louise Le Nay - Helen Tunkley
  • Joanna Burgess - Tunkley Twin
  • Nathalie Burgess - Tunkley Twin
  • Genevieve Mooy - Margaret York
  • Max Phipps - Sam Tregado
  • Bill Young - Wally Wombat
  • Helen McDonald - Pat Harrison
  • Mervyn Drake - Warren Harrison
  • Noel Hodda - Pete
  • Richard Carter - Thommo
  • Di Smith - Cheryl Mason
  • Lance Curtis - Wayne Mason
  • Garry Who - Policeman
  • Charito Ortez - Sam's Receptionist
  • Rainee Skinner - Teller
  • John Spicer - Magistrate
  • Ray Marshall - Clarrie
  • Tracey Higginson - Surfer Girl
  • Angelo D'Angelo - Surfer Guy
  • Suzanne Dudley - Supervisor
  • Zafar Khan - Indian Couple
  • Azra Khan - Indian Couple
  • Ian McGowan - Des' Bus Driving Double
  • Archie - George Harrison

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