Dawn in Darkness

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Dawn in Darkness
Dawn in Darkness by Mark Holden.jpg
Studio album by
Released1975 (1975)
RecordedSydney, Australia
GenrePop, Pop rock
LabelEMI Music
ProducerPeter Dawkins
Mark Holden chronology
Dawn in Darkness
Let Me Love You

Dawn in Darkness is the debut studio album by Australian singer and songwriter Mark Holden. The album was recorded and released in 1975.

In an interview with ABC's Talking Heads, Holden said that it sold about 2,000 copies only and was a 'big flop' adding; "It was entirely original, all the songs I wrote as a kid. But it took me, got me out into the world. It got me into the game." [1]

Background and release[edit]

In 1974, Holden entered Showcase '74, a television talent show on Network 9 where he sung original folky songs. Holden ultimately placed fifth, performing a track "Tap Dancing Down Easy Street" in the final. John Bromwell from Essex Music saw his performances and brought Holden to Sydney. Bromwell arranged an audition with Peter Dawkins a record producer with EMI Music who signed Holden. The album is a collection of songs Holden had written leading up to Showcase '74.[2]

Track listing[edit]

Side one
1."Summer Rain"Mark Holden2:57
2."Till Summers Fade"Holden, Craig Holden2:07
3."Mike's Song To The Sea"Holden, Michael Bond2:52
4."There'll Come a Day"Holden,2:19
5."Dawn in Darkness"Holden2:54
6."Hello Sunshine"Holden2:36
Side two
1."Carry Me Down"Holden2:05
2."Blue Jean Dream"Holden3:20
3."Feeling Happy"Holden2:02
4."Chasing Rainbows"Holden2:31
5."Clear and Cold"Holden2:44
6."Finale"Holden, Peter Martin2:26


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