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Carole Skinner
Born8 May 1944 (1944-05-08) (age 78)[1]
Years active1966–2015
Known for

Carole Skinner (born 8 May 1944)[1] is an Australian actress, particularly known for her performances in theatre and television. She is perhaps best known for her role as Nola McKenzie in the soap opera, Prisoner, in Sons and Daughters, as Doris Hudson, and in the miniseries, The Harp in the South, and its sequel, Poor Man's Orange, as Delie Stock.


Skinner began her acting career in 1966, and rose to prominence as an established theatre performer. She is very well known for her roles in Ruth Park's mini-serials The Harp in the South and Poor Man's Orange. Her performance as Olive in Summer of the Seventeenth Doll for the Melbourne Theatre Company in 1977 was also met with high regard.[2]

She became well known for her screen roles, particularly in television, making her debut in 1971, when she made a guest appearance in the Australian series, Dynasty, before going on to play a regular in Lane End (a spin-off series to the serial, Bellbird), and further guest roles in shows, such as, Certain Women, The Evil Touch, Ryan, Behind the Legend, and The Young Doctors.

Skinner became notable for her performance as Nola McKenzie in the Network 10 soap opera, Prisoner (known outside of Australia as Prisoner: Cell Block H), during its fifth season in 1983. The role lasted 6 months, and she later admitted that it was her choice to leave the series after producers offered to extend her contract to continue playing Nola. The character was killed-off in one of the series most iconic scenes, when she was shot in the forehead with a zip gun.[3] This was followed by guest roles in soap operas and drama series', including Sons and Daughters, as Doris Hudson, a house-keeper obsessed with her boss, in which she attempted to smother toddler Robert Palmer in the series' 1985 season cliffhanger episode,[4] as Laura Dennison in Neighbours in 1986,[5] and appearances in The Flying Doctors and A Country Practice. She is also known for her role as Delie Stock in the miniseries, The Harp in the South, based on the novel by Ruth Park,[6][7] and the sequel miniseries, Poor Man's Orange, also based on Park's second novel of the same name.[8]

She continued to appear in high-profile drama series', including, two different roles in the Seven Network soap opera, Home and Away, as Mary O'Brien during the show's eighth season in 1995, and as Annie Matthews in the twelfth season in 1999, E Street, Minder (when episodes were filmed in Australia),[9] Murder Call, All Saints, and McLeod's Daughters.

Skinner is also a credited film actress, having appeared in several minor roles, including, her feature debut in the sex comedy, Alvin Purple, which spawned two sequels, and a short-lived television series. She continued with roles during the 1970s, in Eliza Frazer, co-starring with Susannah York and John Waters, and the critically acclaimed, My Brilliant Career, with Judy Davis and Sam Neill, before going on to appear in films, such as, Heatwave, Monkey Grip, Goodbye Paradise, The Umbrella Woman, Howling III, the second sequel to the classic 1981 film, and the 2001 blockbuster, Moulin Rouge!, with Nicole Kidman.


Year Title Role Notes Ref(s)
1973 Alvin Purple Mother Superior Feature film [10]
1974 Parent Teacher Interviews Parent Short (segment: "A Stranger") [11]
1976 Eliza Fraser Mrs. Shortland Feature film [12]
1979 My Brilliant Career Mrs. McSwatt Feature film [13]
1982 Heatwave Mary Ford Feature film [14]
1982 Monkey Grip Waitress Feature film [15]
1982 The Mystery at Castle House Aunt Josephine Feature film [16]
1982 A Most Attractive Man Frances Film Short [17]
1982 Goodbye Paradise Landlady Feature film [18]
1984 On the Loose Mrs. Jones [19]
1985 After Hours Mother Short [20]
1987 The Umbrella Woman Mrs. Gibson Feature film [21]
1987 Howling III: The Marsupials Yara Feature film [22]
1991 Gotcha Wilma Short [23]
1994 Unacceptable Behaviour Angela Short [24]
1995 Napoleon The Cat (voice) Feature film [25]
1996 Passion - Short play [26]
2001 Moulin Rouge! Landlady Feature film [27]| 1996
2002 Hetty Hetty Short [28]
2008 The View from Greenhaven Bonny Feature film [29]
Year Title Role Notes
1971 Dynasty Mavis Patterson S2E13 (guest)
1972 Lane End (Unknown role) 7 episodes
1973 Certain Women (Unknown role) (Unknown episodes)
1973;1974 The Evil Touch (Unknown role) S1E4 & S1E18
1974 Ryan Jane Moore S1E31 (guest)
1975 Behind the Legend (Unknown role) S3E10
1979 Ray Lawler's The Doll Trilogy Olive Leech Televised Production filmed 1977 [30]|
1980 Trial by Marriage (Unknown role) (Unknown episodes)
1980 Spring & Fall Jamie's Mother S1E6
1980 The Young Doctors Judith Ann Napier/Dr Hall recurring
1980 Going Home Molly TV movie
1982 Deadline Sybil TV movie
1983 Prisoner Nola McKenzie Season 5 (regular, 40 episodes)
1983 The Weekly's War Nurse TV movie
1984 The Cowra Breakout Mrs. Davidson Miniseries
1985–1986 Sons and Daughters Doris Hudson Seasons 4–5 (recurring, 14 episodes)
1986 A Fortunate Life Shalagh Phillips Miniseries (1 episode)
1986 The Flying Doctors Joan Morgan S1E20 (guest)
1986 Neighbours Laura Dennison Season 2 (recurring, 19 episodes)
1987 The Harp in the South Delie Stock Miniseries (3 episodes)
1987 Poor Man's Orange Delie Stock Miniseries (2 episodes)
1987 A Country Practice Jean Brown S7E59 & E7E60 (guest)
1992 E Street Cathy Norman 1 episode (guest)
1993 Minder Mary Maguire S9E13 (guest)
1993 A Country Practice Betty Birchgrove S13E65 & E13E66 (guest)
1995 At Home Herself - Guest TV series, 1 episode
1995 Home and Away Mary O'Brien Season 8 (recurring, 6 episodes)
1996 Good Morning Australia Herself - Guest TV series, 1 episode
1996 Whipping Boy Sex Store Wife TV movie [31]
1998 Never Tell Me Never Dusty TV movie
1998 Murder Call Mickey Lane S2E10 & S2E11 (guest)
1999 Home and Away Annie Matthews Season 12 (recurring, 9 episodes)
1999 All Saints Sandra Gillespie S2E40 (guest)
1999 Bondi Banquet Judy Trembath (Unknown episodes)
2002 Don't Blame Me Weird Wanda S1E5 & S1E15 (guest)
2003 White Collar Blue Mrs. Simms S1E6 (guest)
2006 HeadLand Supervisor 3 episodes (recurring)
2009 McLeod's Daughters Helga S8E14 (guest)
2015 Catching Milat Margaret Milat Miniseries (2 episodes)


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